What’s Comic Con

What’s Comic Con

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What’s Comic Con?

Starting out as Golden State Comic Book Convention in 1970, it was first organized by Shel Dorf and a group of San Diegans. Today, Comic Con is an event encompassing technology and pop culture. The San Diego Comic-Con (U.S.) is a huge annual event in early July, attracting more than 130,000 visitors by showcasing large range of elements; comics, animation, games, and movies. Nowadays, comic conventions are big business with a huge public attention, holding recurring shows not only in American cities, but with its franchised events held in France, the United Kingdom., and Taiwan.

What’s Tokyo Comic Con?

Stan Lee - the father of the pop culture - created Spider-man, IronMan, the X-Men, and many other fictional characters, who was also an executive vice president and an chief editor of Marvel Comics - and, Steve Wozniak, called "the king of technology” is a co-founder of the Apple Computer Inc. - “The two of us hit it off so well we wanted to work together on something, anything, anytime we could be together,” – this pair founded Tokyo Comic Convention.

The Comic Con that fuses the latest technology and the best pop culture was initially held in Silicon Valley where Woz lives.
With Woz's intention to make Comic Con a truly global festival, he decided to hold it in Tokyo, saying, "If that is the case, Japan must be involved."
In December 2016, "Tokyo Comic Con 2016" was realized, and ended with great success.

Tokyo Comic Convention - is a companion to "Silicon Valley Comic Convention", is based on the American style, also as a festival of the latest technology with the best pop culture - it stands out from normal existing pop culture events, Tokyo Comic Convention has been innovating and growing for the latest entertainments.
This festival is stimulating intellectual curiosity for all generations.

Tokyo Comic Convention 2022 contents to more deeply involve the fans and evolve its offerings - stay tuned for them!

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東京コミコン 2022 開催に向けて

Toward the 2022 Tokyo Comic-Con

The new coronavirus infection that began in 2020 has dealt a heavy blow to our entertainment industry, but after considering various safety measures in the wake of the coronavirus disaster, we have decided to hold the real event for the first time in three years.

In holding the event, we have rethought what Tokyo Comic-Con 2022 should do, and have come up with the following ideas

This year's theme is
〜 A place for new connections.〜

We need to create a "place" where diverse cultures can crossover, various personalities can gather, and new discoveries can be made.

This year, the entire event industry, including the music industry, entertainment industry, sports industry, and exhibitions, is showing signs of revival.

We at Tokyo Comic-Con are determined to move forward without shrinking from the situation.

And we hope that by experiencing Tokyo Comic-Con, you will realize various connections and discoveries.

Our goal is to fully restore a safe and secure "Tokyo Comic-Con" with these connections!

Let's work together to create a "dream space" at Makuhari Messe that exhibitors, celebrities, performers, and visitors alike can truly enjoy.