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Terms of Agreement for Osaka Comic Convention Sponsorship

Osaka Comic Convention Co., Ltd. (the Company) will comply to laws, guidelines and other regulations pertaining to the protection of personal information, and will hereby obtain personal information in accordance with below policies.

Sponsorship Qualification

Sponsors shall be limited to the companies, organizations, and other business entities providing products and services that meet the objectives of the convention specified by the organizer. Organizer has the right to determine whether or not such products are suitable for the convention.

Application and Payment Deaarticleine

The contract shall be effective as of the date of receipt of this application form by the organizer. The invoice will be sent to the sponsors from the organizer. As a general rule, please transfer the fee of the applied plan to the designated bank account within one month from the date of contract.

Allocation of Exhibition Booth

Assignment of exhibition booths will be made and announced by the organizer at the sponsorship briefing session, in consideration of the date of contract, exhibition scale, exhibition details, past records, etc.


Sponsoring companies may not transfer or lend all or part of the applied plan rights to other companies, without the permission of the organizer.

Termination of Contract

In case a sponsor wishes to cancel all or part of the plan after application, such procedure must be completed in writing. The following cancellation fee will be requested in such cases. With the contract being effective on the date of receipt of the application form by the organizer,
From the date of contract to May 31, 2022 - 30% of the total amount of the applied plan (tax included)
After June 1, 2022 - Full amount of the applied plan (tax included)

Visitor Qualification

All visitors must be registered in advance to enter the venue.
Visitors shall be limited to those who are support the purpose of the convention.

Photo / Video shooting

Organizer retains the rights for photo and video shooting of the convention.

Exhibition Rules

Sponsors must follow the rules prescribed in the "Exhibition Manual" provided by the organizer, for presentations and decorations of the exhibition booths. Sponsors must ensure that their exhibitions do not interfere with nearby booths. Interference or other violation of rules will be determined based on the provisions on the Exhibition Manual. Sponsors shall make any necessary arrangements according to instructions given by the organizer.


Sponsors must comply with all rules and regulations concerning fire control and safety measures applied to the exhibition hall.

Liability for Damage

Regararticleess of the reason, the organizer shall not be liable for any injury or damage on persons or goods arising from the use of booths by the sponsors, its employers or any concerned parties.
Sponsors shall immediately indemnify any damage caused to the building or facilities of the convention, resulting from the negligence of the sponsors, its employees or agents.
The organizer shall not be held responsible for any accidentally made typographical errors or omissions in the convention guidebook or other promotional materials.

Cancelation of Convention

The organizer will only be responsible for refunding a fee of the sponsorship in case of event cancellation.
The organizer will not be responsible for any other related damages and fees to the exhibitor when the organizer cancels the event by the organizer's will.
The organizer will also not be held responsible for any damages caused to the exhibitors directly or indirectly by the act of God and any other reasons created by the third parties and exterior forces.

Management of Personal Information

The personal information provided by the sponsors will only be used for Osaka Comic Con Exhibition related purposes. In completion of the event, we will promptly discard all personal information.
The personal information may be handed to a third party for other data processing work. Such companies will be carefully selected from those that possess personal information management system that meet the criteria set by the executive committee. Appropriate non-disclosure agreement will be made in such cases.
Please contact the following information desk for inquiries about purpose of use, request for disclosure, correction, deletion, complaints and consultation about the personal information.

Osaka Comic Convention Office

1-5-1 6F, Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0006