Ron Festival is held! “Harry Potter” Special Stage

Ron Festival is held! “Harry Potter” Special Stage

Ron Festival is held! “Harry Potter” Special Stage

TOKYO COMIC CON 2019 Ron Festival is held! “Harry Potter” Special Stage

Ron Festival is held! "Harry Potter" Special Stage
Would you like to share your love for Haripota on the stage of the Tokyo Comic Con and leave a wonderful memory with the celebrity?

Ron Festival is held! "Harry Potter" Special Stage


開催日時 Nov.24th 12:45~
開催場所 Special Stage at Makuhari Messe in Tokyo Comic con
開催内容 Show off love for Harry Potter and Fantastic Beast related works at the stage fashion show!
参加費 Free
参加条件 1.People of all age, genders, and nationalities are welcomed.
2.Harry Potter must be involved in fantastic beast works.
3.Follows “Ron Festival is held! "Harry Potter" Special Stage” regulation.
対象作品 Harry Potter, Fantastic Beast related works

Offer details

Those who want to participate in the cosplay of Harry Pota related works

How to enter the contest

Finished accepting entries.
Thank you for many applications.

Application period

Web entry: till Nov.15 23:59


Nov.16th, people who were chosen will be contacted.


Misato Ugaki
Supi Yutaka Sugiyama
Matt Nakamura

Ron Festival is held! "Harry Potter" Special Stage regulation

  • You are asked to turn in the performance title and team description for MC’s comments.
  • Each presentation must be between 5sec to 30 sec.
  • The underage application must be signed off by there guardian.
  • You may not use names or images of third parties without written permission.
  • You may not use any brand, logo, historic landmark, building, book or artworks.
  • You may not perform rude gesture or inappropriate language that may offend others.
  • You may not use this performance to promote any other business.
  • Do not walk barefoot because it may be dangerous.
  • You are not allowed to turn off stage lighting or take positions on stage before the performance.
  • Real swords, working air guns and gas guns are not allowed on stage.
  • Stage effect using high explosive sound cannot be used.
  • Fire and water cannot be used on stage.
  • Stage effect that causes a mess on stage cannot be used. (Confetti and other things to throw, party sprays, etc.)
  • Props that require special makeup and painting on stage are not allowed. (Freshly-painted props and fake blood makeup are not allowed.)
  • No items can be thrown to the audience or outside the stage.
  • Stage smoke effect cannot be requested.
  • No eating and drinking are allowed even as a part of your performance.
  • Any other conduct that is offensive or disturbing to others is prohibited.

・We may ask to make change the performance to fit the regulation or deny your entry if the regulation is not followed.
・Participants' photos may be used as PR materials for “Tokyo Comic Con” and “Warner Brothers”.


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