Cosplay dressing room rules | 東京コミコン2019


Cosplay helpers wanted for TSUNA-HIKI (Tug of war)!

To win the chance to go on the main stage of Tokyo Comic Con, powerful and talented idols, who passed the local qualifying rounds of "Oduna Idol Emaki", will gather at the Makuhari finals!
These idols are looking for helpers!
Cosplayers and superheroes who have confidence in strength, come help out the idols at the TSUNA-HIKI finals held at the special site in Makuhari Messe North Square!

★Date★Sunday, December 2, 2018
10:00- Semifinal tournament
11:30- Final round
VenueOutside of Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall 11, North square Idol TSUNA-HIKI special site
Shooting locationIn case of rain, an announcement will be made at the venue on the day of the event
Entry feeFree
Relevant titlesAll genres
What to bringAthletic shoes (sneakers etc.)
※For safety reasons, please refrain from participating in bare feet.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Number of positions

Please refer to the tournament table.

How to apply

No application form.
Please come to the "Idol TSUNA-HIKI Check-in counter" on the day of the event.

How to enter

Go to the Idol TSUNA-HIKI special site

Tell the staff at the Idol TSUNA-HIKI check-in counter that you are a "cosplay helper"!

Tell them the name of the idol group you'd like to help out (any group is fine), and check the tournament times on the timetable!

Let's TSUNA-HIKI!!!!


Groups confirmed for the final round


  • In case the number of applicants exceeds the capacity, participants will be selected.
  • Participants of any nationality, age, sex are welcome.
  • We may consult or decline when costumes are considered unsafe for the TSUNA-HIKI program.
  • Nuisance and any actions that may create discomfort for other customers are prohibited.
  • We may ask you to present your cosplay registration certificate. Please be sure to register in advance and bring your certificate to the event.
  • For any questions during the event, please look for an Idol TSUNA-HIKI staff on site.

Notes from Comic Con

●What is "Oduna Idol Emaki?"

Only 4 groups can win the chance to perform live on the main stage of Tokyo Comic Con.
Performing time varies greatly by whether you're 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th place!
Idols from across the nation have passed the qualifying rounds to win their chance to get on the main stage.
Get ready for the finals to be held at Makuhari Messe!
10 qualified groups will battle at the semifinal tournament from 10:00 at the Tokyo Comic Con North Square Idol TSUNA-HIKI special site.
"WHiTE BEACH" and "G-MOST" from Korea have already won their rights to the final rounds...which means that 2 more out of 10 groups participating on the day will advance into the final round.
Final rounds for the 4 groups are scheduled to start from 11:30.
The remaining 6 groups will be performing on the substage.

● What is "Marugomi Stage"?

To be held on 12/2 from 12:45 on the main stage. Special guests will be invited.
An idol group who played an active part at the TSUNA-HIKI will have the chance to sing during this panel discussion time.

● What is "Marugomi JAPAN"?

10 years have passed since the great cleaning event held at Chiba Marine Stadium.
This time, in collaboration with Tokyo Comic Con, a cleaning event will be held in the morning of the event day. "Let's pick up garbage, make the entire Chiba beautiful before going to the Comic Con"!
Bayfm will be broadcasting a special live program! ,
Participating idols will agree to the concept and join the clean-up event in the morning before going to the Comic Con venue! (to be broadcasted on bayfm)


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