Cosplay Championship



For the first time, Tokyo Comic con will have a Competitive Cosplay stage on Nov. 24th (SUN).
All the participants will join the grand finale stage with all the Special guests!
Let's create amazing memories together!

Date/time Sunday, November 24, 2019 16:30pm-
Place Tokyo Comic Con special stage in Makuhari Messe
Participation fee Free
Participation conditions 1. Age / gender nationality.
2. You have to be a cosplayer.
3. Could attend a rehearsal on Morning of Nov.24th.(Exact time will be announced to those who entered.)
4. You are not allowed to use a photo or the movies of the stage for any activities with moneytoriy value.
Cosplay subjects Express your love for your work with a 90-second appeal time! !
Application method ・Please use the application form below to sign up.
After checking the information in the application form, notification receipt e-mail will be sent to you.
We highly recommend for you to use computer e-mail addresses not phone ones since there might be some troubles receiving our e-mail.

・Please contact the address written below if you didn’t receive the notification receipt e-mail after 6 days you applied.

・We handle applications on a first-come and first-served basis when there are more than 3 overlapping works. (We will ask you to change your work to other ones.)

・It is ok to apply with tentative members.
Please tell us your fixed members until 11/10.
We can only accept cancels after that. We cannot accept any member adding or changing roles.
Prize in preparation
Rules 1. It is prohibited to attend in bare feet since it is dangerous.
2.We cannot make the stage darken* nor accept cosplayers being on the stage at the time the stage lighten*.
3.Please hand in the information about your team and the title for MC comments.
4.It is prohibited to use knives, air and gas guns that can shoot.
5.No extreme bombing sounds.
6.No fire and water on the stage.
7.It is prohibited to use confetti and party sprays that can deface the stage. However, it is ok to use crackers that do not mess the area.
8.It is prohibited to do special effects makeups nor bring weapons or props that need to be painted at the venue, (It is prohibited to bring props which is just painted or fake blood make-ups)
9.The maximum time for the stage performance beginning from stage left to stage right is 90 seconds. (You cannot give or get extra time with other teams.)
10.We cannot put your gears and instruments on the stage.
11.Please do not throw things to the audience and do not go near the audience.
12.We cannot use the back screen for projected image.
13.The audio sources we can use are free audio sources, music played by oneself, or licensed music.
14.We cannot accept audio sources that were edited (cut and paste, pitch, pitch correcting) from the original ones.
15.Please let us know if you want to use microphones.
16.We cannot accept any smoke staging.
17.It is prohibited to eat or drink something on the stage even if it is your plan.
18.More, do not do anything to offend others.
19.It is prohibited to make any content for profit by using the videos or photographs of the event.
Precaution statements: Please observe the statements of Tokyo ComicCon Cosplay precaution statements.
※make the stage darken…To make the stage dark by turning all the lights off.
※being on the stage at the time the stage lighten…To start the show with all the settings are done.

Application period

Web entry: till Nov.10 23:59

Announcement of Qualification

Nov.15th, people who are qualified will be contacted.

How to enter

After the fill from the following form to each item, please send.
If received many applications, we will select the participants by lottery.

Finished accepting entries.
Thank you for many applications.


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