Important Notice Regarding Ticket Sales

For those who plan to purchase tickets in the future

Depending on the sales of advance tickets, on days of the week when the venue is expected to be crowded, we may stop selling advance and day-of-performance tickets as soon as the maximum number of tickets sold is reached.
Please understand this in advance.
*We will announce this as soon as it is determined.

If you have already purchased an “autograph ticket,” “photo ticket,” or “accompanying ticket” for a celebrity and have not yet purchased an advance admission ticket for the relevant day, please purchase an advance admission ticket as soon as possible.
(Because there are cases in which advance and on-the-day admission tickets will not be sold.)

In order to participate in the celebrity photo session and autograph session, a separate admission ticket is required in addition to the autograph ticket and photo ticket (the same applies to tickets for accompanying guests). (The same applies to tickets for accompanying guests.)
If you have any questions about the celebrity’s “autograph ticket,” “photo ticket,” or “accompanying ticket,” please contact the secretariat. For inquiries, please use the form below.

■Contact Form:
■See below for required tickets.

*Same-day tickets may be reopened on days when sales were suspended due to conditions.
*Please be careful not to purchase tickets from unauthorized resellers. The secretariat will not be responsible for any problems with sellers.